April 26, 2017 Coaching

Here is the second opus of the “should” articles. This time we will study the decision making process. You have heard throughout the years people saying “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”. In educated language this saying can translate as:

It has already happened, that’s it…

  • Expressing regrets: I should have done this
  • Overthinking the past: I would have done this
  • Seing what else you might have done: I could have done this

First of all, dwelling over something that has already happened and expressing regrets about it is never worth it. It won’t change anything, what is done is done, then you can just proactively move forward about it.

Learning from your mistakes is great, and surprisingly it is the best way to gain experience and skills. You might not be sure of what works, but at least I would rather know what does not work.

There’s things you just can’t get back

Let me explain, there are different things you can change and get back if your idea doesn’t go as planned.

  • If you loose money, you can always make more.
  • If you loose clients, friends, you can always meet new ones
  • If you loose time… You can never get it back.

Time management is your key to efficiency. Knowing what does not work and X-ing it out from the beginning of your strategic and tactical thinking process, therefore you are not wasting time.

I will develop this in an upcoming article focused on time management.

Now, it’s probably time to get back to our “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”…

The decision making process

Decision making, it’s not that simple. To every action, there is a reaction, and this reaction is what needs to be weighed in. Simple decision making process: Two columns “Positive and Negative” – write down the positive outcomes and the negative outcomes that come through your mind while thinking about your idea.

Finally, at the end of your thinking process you will be looking at the column with most entries, and therefore making a decision. Either do it, or don’t, but if you decide to do it then do it right away. If you decide not to do it, don’t bench the idea, just put it away and as a result don’t look back. This is especially relevant as you don’t need to live with regrets.

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January 25, 2017 BusinessServices

You have all your business development strategies and tactics put in place by your consultants, that’s great, you need to start using them… this is why we provide coaching seminars.

Digital Marketing Coaching seminars

Your consultant has developed marketing processes and systems on your website, and you are ready to rock. A part that when you login to your website’s admin dashboard you are dumbfounded. It’s Ok, that’s normal. We will provide you the proper training, One on one or small groups on how to run through the phases of execution of content marketing, SEO optimisation, Social Media marketing.

Behavioral Coaching seminars

You need to manage your team efficiently, and they are looking up to you for inspiration and advice. We will help you with: Efficient time management, stress management, teamwork techniques… We are partnered with Mac Arthur, French consulting and coaching firm who has been providing these seminars to companies like UPS, 3M, Honeywell and many more for the past twenty five years.

Sales Coaching seminars

Maximizing the closing ratio for all your account managers and sales force is what will drive your business to new heights. We have developed sales technique seminars to maximize closing ratio while turning customers into clients. Depending on the length of your sales cycle, having repeat customers (clients) is key.

Public speaking

Speaking in public could be during a one on one meeting with a lead, a client regarding a renewal, a  boardroom with directors, or a large room with an attendance. Those four situations can be stressful and you see that some people have more ease speaking to crowds than others. One thing to keep in mind is what you say is important, but the way you say it is what will make the difference. From your image, your outfit, your body language and your delivery, we will be able to help you with that.

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