March 9, 2017 Digital Marketing

Generating traffic is key, it’s great to have a beautiful website but if no-one looks at it… It defeats the purpose.

There are multiple ways to generate traffic, however we won’t go through all of them in this article. Good news is you most likely won’t die of boredom or technical overload. You can segment it between categories, Organic or Paid.

Organic Traffic

Organic in this case doesn’t involve kale or lack of pesticides, it just means it’s traffic you are generating without using any specific ad budget.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is how well your website is noticed on search engines, it’s a combination of keywords located in your text, as well as the images, the links, and the description to make your website visible to search engine robots. Is it going to be working immediately? No… Is it worth it in the long run? Yes, definitely.


Content Marketing

Coming from days where people would build their websites then not update them for a whole year, we have seen the rise of content marketing. What does it mean? That wise the rise of blog posts and using the internet for news source, content has been a key to get visitors to check your website over and over, and if you are reading this post… It’s working, as you just generated traffic to my website. Thank you.

Social Media Marketing

Yeah, Social Media! Everyone loves social media, looking at people’s lives, what they do, what they eat, their kids, sunsets… But not only, in between those very interesting posts of every single one of your contacts, there are posts generated by companies, athletes, musicians. You want to be kept updated about a business, you will “like” their page on facebook, “follow” them on instagram… When you’ll deal with businesses, you will of course go to linkedin and “add” your prospective client or potential partner. Now the same goes to your customers, they will like you, follow you, add you and everything you post is key. You can either get them to stay on the said social media channel or try to attract them to your website.

Ok, that’s it for now, keep following these articles and you will learn more fairly soon. It gives you a little overview of what’s available to you… Now I am telling you that they can be combined into “one” process. You will save quite a bit of time.

This process has been saving our clients A LOT of time so they can focus on their expertise therefore developing their marketing operations on process efficiency.

Contact us and we’ll set you up.


February 20, 2017 Digital Marketing

You can throw a rock in the air, it will for sure land on someone who does digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Experience

We have been developing digital marketing strategies, tactics and executing them since the start of our business. Since 2001 we have been helping companies generate more leads, more revenue and become leaders in their markets. Convincing C-level executives to transfer from traditional marketing to digital marketing was not an easy thing, but KPIs made it all possible.


KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the key for your digital marketing strategy. People can elaborate the most complex “master plan to conquer the world”, if at the end of the day it doesn’t deliver… there’s not point.

The strategies we create are based on KPIs and ROI (Return on Investment), therefore we are cautious that every dollar spent is put to good use for your business.

Omni Channel Communications

Communicating on all channels is key for your business, advertising on all channels might also be, but  as much as your campaigns are thought globally, each channel has to be treated individually. Different channels being used at different times within the conversion funnel and sales cycle.

Traffic Generation

Generating traffic to your website is a combination of SEO, SEM, and Social Media (Organic and Paid Social) and it can prove very costly. A lot of people will promise you the first page on google for a fee, we do not… Instead we help you build your audience through targeting. We help you reach people with a deep interest in your services and products, therefore optimizing the conversion funnel.

Social Selling – Conversion Funnel

Social Selling is based on a conversion funnel. Your website generates traffic, great, now you need to do something about it. Are your visitors showing engagement with your website? They are then becoming leads. Now you need to see if those leads can qualify to become clients.

Lead nurturing

Some leads are ready to purchase your services and products right away, and this is great. Now it’s not always the case. You need to be able to keep those leads interested in your company and provide them with content, delivered using different channels, medias and techniques, so when they reach the decision making time in the sales cycle, their only option is YOU.


January 31, 2017 Digital Marketing

We have been doing Wordpress development on websites for over ten years and websites in general for over sixteen years.

Why use us for wordpress development?

When The X Concept was created in 2001, we started developing websites in HTML with Javascript, then the trend went into Flash websites, so we started developing numerous flash websites. Having PHP/MySQL websites then became the norm, so we were creating web solutions from scratch that were hand coded, based on performance. Now those websites took a very long time to develop, and the WordPress CMS started to take over the world. Now WordPress powers over 25% of the websites on the planet. This is why we switched to WordPress Development.

Why you want to switch to WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, meaning that a lot of plugins are available to maximize it’s power and interactions with other applications.

Social Media Interactivity

The websites we develop are interacting with numerous applications, including Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+) automatically. You publish a content marketing article on your blog, or add a new product on your e-commerce store, it will automatically publish on your social media.

CRM and ESP integration

When your visitors decide to become leads, they will fill in a form on your website, the results of those forms will automatically integrate in your CRM (Client Relationship Management) and ESP (Email Service Provider). This means that you will have faster access to your leads, and be able to be more reactive and responsive to their request, therefore moving them through the conversion funnel more efficiently.

Ease of update

The days of static websites are long gone. We were part of the days when websites were static for a whole twelve months, and at the end of the year, a new website was designed to present the following year. Nowadays, you have to update your website and add information to it (Content Marketing), multiple times a week, multiple times a month. We will coach you on how to do it by yourself, and for this you just need to “fill in forms” and know how to use an internet browser.

SEO optimized

We make sure we add all the SEO features so that every single one of your pages is SEO optimized, facilitating Google and BING search engines to find your website, but also all the content articles you will add to it.


You want to start adding E-Commerce to your website, it will be a very smooth transition and will take a very minimal amount of time. You can think of “configuration” not “development” therefore, being ready in a very short delay.

Visually Pleasing

Last point, but definitely not least. Your website is visually pleasing, and will work on both computers and mobile phones smoothly. Design being cross platform and cross device is real important, as more than 55% of current web traffic comes from mobile devices. There is many themes available for wordpress, some being more efficient than others on the subjects listed above, we hand picked a few that will jumpstart the look of your website in minimal time. We guarantee you will receive praises from visitors and leads.

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