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You have all your business development strategies and tactics put in place by your consultants, that’s great, you need to start using them… this is why we provide coaching seminars.

Digital Marketing Coaching seminars

Your consultant has developed marketing processes and systems on your website, and you are ready to rock. A part that when you login to your website’s admin dashboard you are dumbfounded. It’s Ok, that’s normal. We will provide you the proper training, One on one or small groups on how to run through the phases of execution of content marketing, SEO optimisation, Social Media marketing.

Behavioral Coaching seminars

You need to manage your team efficiently, and they are looking up to you for inspiration and advice. We will help you with: Efficient time management, stress management, teamwork techniques… We are partnered with Mac Arthur, French consulting and coaching firm who has been providing these seminars to companies like UPS, 3M, Honeywell and many more for the past twenty five years.

Sales Coaching seminars

Maximizing the closing ratio for all your account managers and sales force is what will drive your business to new heights. We have developed sales technique seminars to maximize closing ratio while turning customers into clients. Depending on the length of your sales cycle, having repeat customers (clients) is key.

Public speaking

Speaking in public could be during a one on one meeting with a lead, a client regarding a renewal, a  boardroom with directors, or a large room with an attendance. Those four situations can be stressful and you see that some people have more ease speaking to crowds than others. One thing to keep in mind is what you say is important, but the way you say it is what will make the difference. From your image, your outfit, your body language and your delivery, we will be able to help you with that.


In 2013, the owners of Hawaii Natural Products started developing a line of Body Care products for Athletes. Sam Lareau, the brain behind all this operation being himself a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, decided to appropriately call his new product line “Black Belt Bodycare”.

This is when he turned towards Charles Oreve, founder and marketing specialist with The X Concept to help him with his packaging and other marketing materials.

Mission Statement

The vision that was described was “Bad Ass Soap for Dirty Tough Guys”, emphasizing on using solely Natural Products as well as handmade in Hawaii.

We went for a distressed but organic look for the corporate identity, the target customer being experienced athletes enjoying rough activities while taking care of their health and body through regular training and use of natural body care and natural supplements.

Initial Collaboration

The first version of their product packaging was created for Hand Soaps, Body Wash and Lotion.


This range of labels, showcasing three fragrances: Original, Citrus and Peppermint – has received rave reviews from Mixed Martial Artists. Legends like Royce Gracie, Luis “Chief Limao” Heredia, Steve Maxwell and Sergio Machado, and athletes all around the world.

Black Belt Lotion
Black Belt Bodywash

Black Belt Range Evolution

The range is now including lip balms, shaving cream, supplements. Two new fragrances, Eucalyptus and Lavender of the bodycare products were added.

We have then decided to update the packaging to focus on the Black Belt and a more streamlined look. Focusing on shelf impact and more color variations showcasing the expanding product line. You are now able to find them online at http://www.blackbeltbodycare.com. Products are available through health food stores around Hawaii and gyms across the United States and now the world.

Jiu Jitsu is a very high image sport. To be on top of the game you have to showcase the right graphics to represent your brand.


Developing a new business is a tough task, and having somebody with experience by your side will get your entrepreneur spirit into gear towards the goal you want to attain.

We have been creating, growing and optimizing businesses processes for over 15 years.

Business Services

From creating corporate identities, marketing collateral, digital and traditional omni channels marketing strategies and campaigns, social media presence, website development, analytics, operations and offices services processes, CRM and database administration, human resources, sales coaching and image consulting. We can provide you exponential growth of your company and its reach.


We develop lead generation conversion funnels using multi channel marketing campaigns at different stages of the funnel. Paid Social, SEM and SEO to generate traffic, visitors, web marketing to maximize engagement and lead generation. Social Media and Email marketing for lead nurturing and lead qualification. Then providing the sales force with appropriate coaching to maximize the SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) to Client closing ratio.

These programs have proven results and have shown major improvement measured through KPIs for numerous clients of ours. Social selling has been the trend in marketing techniques over the past few years, utilizing content and social media marketing to reach targeted audiences.

Sales Techniques Coaching

We have developed Sales Coaching seminars in partnership with Paris (France) based consulting firm Mac Arthur and adapted those techniques to the american culture. Those seminars have been refined for over twenty five years by experts in the field, and have been provided to companies like UPS, Honeywell, 3M and more.

Business Profiles

We have specialized helping smaller structures attain a global reach, and maintain exceptional client retention while helping our clients acquiring new leads while manage their acquisition costs.

Our experience and skills in business intelligence, and developing systems and processes make us your partner of choice for a successful transition towards the next step of your business.

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