March 19, 2018 BusinessCoaching

The shirts you are wearing are a very important part of you business look. It can definitely make or break your outfit. This is what is right below your face and is key on how you will be confident with your outfit.


March 18, 2018 BusinessCoaching

Ties are a key part of your outfit. It means a lot, and we will look through why it makes such a difference. We are getting in the core of your business look. Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Knots. We are going through every step.


May 3, 2017 Business

You always get what you pay for is a saying we have heard all our lives. For the most part I have to say it is true. Very good deals exist, but they are few and far apart. So according to a rule of probability most of the products and services you will encounter will be worth what you pay for them.

You always get what you pay for

You might be asking yourself, why is he writing this article? Very simple actually, some of your leads will be budget shoppers. They will look for a service, overlooking the quality, and looking at the budget first. I try to stay away from those leads instead focusing on potential clients that are focusing on the quality of service and know it all comes to a price.

Do I mean that you could consider turning down clients that are bargain shoppers? Definitely! If you stand behind your product, your service and someone tries to negotiate the value of it, because “he knows it can be discounted”, or a competitor offers something “almost” the same for much cheaper… Perfect, let them go there, and waste time (remember the decision making article) then come back to you for proper service.

Those people do not realize that time is the most valuable thing in the world. That is simply their problem.

Valuing your work

You work in a product, and manufacturing driven industry. You can calculate values by using numerous formulas. That is the easy part. Now you work in a service base industry, dealing with virtual offering… How do you price yourself, there are two different ways to do it. You can either price yourself by hourly rate, or create packages and monthly memberships to get services provided. But at the end, when you look at it, the only constant is time, and what is your time worth to you.

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January 25, 2017 BusinessServices

You have all your business development strategies and tactics put in place by your consultants, that’s great, you need to start using them… this is why we provide coaching seminars.

Digital Marketing Coaching seminars

Your consultant has developed marketing processes and systems on your website, and you are ready to rock. A part that when you login to your website’s admin dashboard you are dumbfounded. It’s Ok, that’s normal. We will provide you the proper training, One on one or small groups on how to run through the phases of execution of content marketing, SEO optimisation, Social Media marketing.

Behavioral Coaching seminars

You need to manage your team efficiently, and they are looking up to you for inspiration and advice. We will help you with: Efficient time management, stress management, teamwork techniques… We are partnered with Mac Arthur, French consulting and coaching firm who has been providing these seminars to companies like UPS, 3M, Honeywell and many more for the past twenty five years.

Sales Coaching seminars

Maximizing the closing ratio for all your account managers and sales force is what will drive your business to new heights. We have developed sales technique seminars to maximize closing ratio while turning customers into clients. Depending on the length of your sales cycle, having repeat customers (clients) is key.

Public speaking

Speaking in public could be during a one on one meeting with a lead, a client regarding a renewal, a  boardroom with directors, or a large room with an attendance. Those four situations can be stressful and you see that some people have more ease speaking to crowds than others. One thing to keep in mind is what you say is important, but the way you say it is what will make the difference. From your image, your outfit, your body language and your delivery, we will be able to help you with that.

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