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The X Concept is a full service marketing agency established in San Diego, CA in 2001. We provide Website development, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

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Choosing the right partner when it comes to marketing is a never easy, what’s sure is you always get what you pay for. The X Concept has been in business for over 17 years working with clients of all sizes.

Professional staff

Our staff is California based and is multilingual. We speak many different languages to maximize communications with our clients internationally.


Proven Experience

We have been working in marketing for a long time. Our CEO has 18 years of experience, that’s more than what other agencies have “combined”.


Technology Partners

We have Technology Partners that we recommend for our services. From SAAS and TAAS to Cloud Storage and Hosting Solutions in the USA and in Europe.


Account Representatives

Select the account representative you want to reach and schedule a meeting with them in a matter of minutes. Please email them with your phone number.

The X Concept

For your website solution


We use WordPress as the main CMS we work with, we have numerous articles to educate you about it and compare it to other solutions available on the market.

The X Concept

Generate Audience


From Linkedin to Instagram. We have experience in maximizing engagement and developing strategies to generate the utmost impact.

The X Concept

Optimize Rankings


Either organically or using Paid Search tools, we are able to maximize the presence and efficiency of your website when using search engines.

The X Concept

Manage Clients


After a lead is collected on your website, the follow up phase is key, we are able to integrate your sales cycle within a CRM to maximize conversion

Charles Oreve The X Concept
Charles Oreve


Charles Oreve has been at the helm of The X Concept since 2001, providing his clients with the best possible service. After receiving unanimous praises from clients since the creation of the business, Charles Oreve is still the driving force behind our team on the Strategic, Tactical and Execution processes.

The X Concept Lucas Saintot

Account Manager

Lucas Saintot

Our only account manager outside San Diego, Lucas is located in Austin, TX.

The X Concept Oby Hofiani

Account Manager – Photographer

Obaid Hofiani

Account manager and photographer – Obaid provides imagery to clients.

The X Concept Maud Moureau

Public Relations (France)

Maud Moureau

Located in Paris, France. Maud manages all our Public Relations accounts in France.

Content Marketing / Account Manager

Robin Sawka

Robin is managing Copywriting and Content Marketing efforts from our San Diego Office.

Real Estate Account Manager

Melissa Peters

Melissa is a Real Estate Marketing Account Manager out of our San Diego Office.

Real Estate Account Manager

John Zabriskie

John is a Real Estate Marketing Account Manager out of our San Diego Office.


Read our latest news from the company or general medical news. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

Linkedin Invitations for Company Pages are back, read more on how they are being implemented and the limitations in this specific release.

Have you talked business with some up and coming entrepreneurs lately? Why does everyone want to disrupt everything? We will tell you.

Explaining what you are doing to your clients is critical in digital marketing, you want them to know what you do with their budgets.

Troy Lyndon Massey is a photographer originally from Gold Coast Australia. We developped a complete wordpress solution for him.


It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

The X Concept Hugo Denat


CEO – TimeFlies.us

I have been working with The X Concept to develop my website, design and implement the SEO strategy and I am more than happy with the results!

The X Concept Giacomo Pizzigoni


CEO – Ambrogio15

BEST web development and SEO agency I have ever worked with.
Great job at creating a great website that really showcase the brand identity of my company.


We use Facebook for reviews.

What our clients think of the service we provide is our number one priority. It gives us goals on where and how we can do better. We are always listening to the improvements we can make to maximize efficiency and results.


8525 Gibbs Drive Suite 304, San Diego, CA 92123

+1 808 344 5043

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