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Portfolio – New Clients Added

Over the past couple months, we have added a few new clients to our roster, and now is the time to  have them showcased on our portfolio. Added to Portfolio – La Jolla Optiks Doctor of Optometry Colin Bernstein turned to us for an updated branding and online presence strategy. Introducing Dr Bernstein to Social Media presence, content marketing and email… Read more →


Case Study: Black Belt Bodycare

In 2013, the owners of Hawaii Natural Products started developing a line of Body Care products for Athletes. Sam Lareau, the brain behind all this operation being himself a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, decided to appropriately call his new product line “Black Belt Bodycare“. This is when he turned towards Charles Oreve, founder and marketing specialist with The X… Read more →

north shore design

Business Development

Developing a new business is a tough task, and having somebody with experience by your side will get your entrepreneur spirit into gear towards the goal you want to attain. We have been creating, growing and optimizing businesses processes for over 15 years. From creating corporate identities, marketing collateral, digital and traditional omni channels marketing strategies and campaigns, social media presence,… Read more →